After Good Friday Comes Resurrection 

I have struggled to find anything redeeming in the election results. One thing has emerged after prayer and reflection. The argument that biblical values are important to the electorate is now silenced by their own selection. Last night’s election is a vote against practically every biblically moral position that exists: Adultery, sexual abuse, lying, practice of religion, false witness, respect for the poor and oppressed, and welcome to the stranger. The Christian Nation argument is dead. It’s been dead a long time and it’s demise was accomplished by many who claim to embrace it. Now by our actions, we are admitting it. Now we can be honest. 

Im deeply worried however. Over and over our new President-elect has espoused pessimism about the future and echoed Satan’s words of temptation to Christ in the wilderness. “Follow me and I will make you a ruler over all.” “I will give you power on this earth.” “I will take away your pain and worry and people will honor you.” “I alone can save you in this situation.” “I can make you powerful and great again.”

A segment of frustrated, angry people have cast our lot with something dark and evil as was demonstrated over and over during this campaign. I pray I’m reading this wrong and I guess only time will tell. 

I’m reminded that on Good Friday God lay dead in the tomb. Murdered by his chosen people. All his followers felt their world ending. They ran away. They hid. Despair was their lot. BUT…After a bit of time … three days to be exact … something amazing occurred. Dispair was banished. Darkness was banished. Death was overcome. We can take comfort in this. 

In the Great Vigil of Easter when we recount this awesome mystery, we baptize and we renew our own baptismal promises. I feel that need right now. I must remind myself of what I have committed myself to. 

I’m called to submit to the rule of law. I’m called to pray for our elected leaders. I’m called to work for justice, freedom, and peace. I’m called to respect the dignity of every human being. I’m also called to resist Evil. A part of me does not want to do those things but with God’s help I will.


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