Lent: rewiring our ideas about God

As Lent begins, I am looking for new ways to begin experiencing faith.  The primary channel I’ve chosen for this year is combing the Internet for stories of contemporary Saints and Wonderworkers who show that the miraculous still occurs.  It may not be those biblical or mythological miracles where the the Sun is stopped in it circling of the Earth (sic) in Jerico or the raising of Lazurus after three days, but miraculous events still occur.

If miracles do still occur as the result of devoted human effort and thought, then what can I do to participate in them?

As a first step, I share with you this blog post entitled: Can You Forget How to Believe in God?  Here Paul Wallace, Physics Professor and Minister, explores how we wire our brains with beliefs about God just as we wire our brains to perform a task like riding a bicycle.  He presents the case that we can choose to rewire our concepts, as well, resulting in profound realizations and abilities.

Whether or not your tradition observes Lent, may this season provide you the venue to challenge your concept of God, your relationship to God, and the demands that relationship makes on your life.  As People Of the One God we face choices:  If you are a Christian, remember your Baptism and the vows made by you or for you.  If you are Jewish, contemplate the nature of God’s demands upon a People uniquely appointed as His own.  If you are Muslim, contemplate Allah’s revelations of Peace through the Prophet and your daily role to live in that Peace.   If you are of another tradition or a non-theist, Lent can still offer you a period to slow down, reflect, and marvel at all that surrounds us and our role within it.  May this Season open new doors for us all.



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